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Letting Go

Letting go is so much more difficult than it sounds. I don’t know about you, but I have done a lot of releasing these past few months. It has definitely been the year for it. 

The energy has been so heavy since the summer. I have walked away from both people and situations I kept going back to that were just not great for me, or for them to be honest.

This speaks a lot to boundaries. Sometimes it has been someone you have known for many years, sometimes friends, sometimes family and also with situations that have been more habit than what is best for all. Saying no can be incredibly difficult, but so freeing.  When you think about it, it does neither party any good. When you say yes but your heart isn’t in it, how is that helping anyone?

Clear boundaries are necessary. This way, everyone knows where they stand. It is so much better!

The other aspect of not letting go or allowing yourself to grow is that it works as a block.

You are so focused on what isn’t working or not wanting to get involved in something, it is all you think about.

This surrounds you like a wall.

Once you move forward, you will notice so many opportunities and good things coming through.

It takes so much energy to hold on to what is no longer in our best interest. Once this is released, you won’t believe the difference. It opens up the gates to abundance and positive experiences.

2024 will be a powerful year. So many good things will be coming forward.

This is why this year it has been incredibly important and, in some cases, painful.

The thing about the universe is that it gives us many signs to walk away from what is no longer working. Have you noticed when we don’t listen, the lessons intensify.

Are you ready to end this year ridding yourself of what isn’t working? I know I definitely am!

In Love and Grace,

Alanna Scott King

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