I absolutely love Alanna’s vibrancy and enthusiasm! She showed so much compassion and passion for life and it showed!


I recently attended a workshop from Alanna on Willingness to Change and loved it! Her personal stories were very motivating and I really enjoyed it!


I really appreciated how checked in you were throughout the workshop and created a safe place to share. Your use of humour is lovely!


Alanna has helped me enormously in analyzing how I can change my life for the better. I am so very grateful I met her when I did.


Alanna, thank you so much for leading us in such an amazing workshop! You did a wonderful job in guiding us and helping us discover things that were buried and hidden.


Alanna, you have a great energy! Thank you for a wonderful lesson. You are a fantastic teacher!



Alanna, you have the perfect balance to say the truth in funny ways and then bring us back again. You allow me to travel into emotions and heal. Believe me, it’s the truth!