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To create a safe and confidential environment for healing and self growth based on the book, Heal Your Life® by Louise Hay.

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Life Coaching

Hi! I’m Alanna Scott King...

I am a licensed and insured Heal Your Life® Workshop teacher and personal coach.

I was first introduced to Louise Hay’s work many years ago while working as a research assistant at the public library. Little did I know how it would impact my life when I found the book again years later.

I remember as a child I was told I was “too sensitive” and to “harden up”. I know it was done to prepare me for the world, as my parents were told. Well that never happened! Many things have happened in my life where I would blame myself if something didn’t happen the way it should – whether it was my fault or not! This led me back to Louise Hay and Heal Your Life®.

I remember reading this book thinking she wrote it specifically for me!  No wonder over 50 million copies were sold! Clearly many felt the same way.

Emotions play such a huge part of who you are and how you heal, and mentally prepare us for things to come both in personal and professional as well as our overall physical health.

I have spent most of my life in management positions leading and mentoring people in business.

I decided to work with individuals and businesses to grow both internally and externally for a better, more fulfilling life.

Join me!

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A Conversation with Louise Hay

Louise on the first day of the Raw Lifestyle Film Festival 2008

Video by pathofchange