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Life Coaching

$125 One Session

One 60-minute one-to-one coaching session.

Available in person, via Skype or telephone.

A Heal Your Life® Coach can help you improve EVERY area of life – relationships, health, financial well-being, business success, spiritual growth, and overall living life more fully.

Alanna is uniquely equipped to listen deeply to what you want and guide you in moving in the direction of your dreams.

$997 Nine Session Package

A package of nine, one-to-one 60-minute sessions.

Available in person, via Skype or telephone.

There is usually quite a breakthrough around coaching session number eight when someone is actively committed to their growth.

When you invest in the package of eight sessions, you receive a celebratory ninth session at no charge.

This package can be split into two payments:

$500 CAD prior to the first five sessions, and then the balance of $497 CAD prior to the last four sessions.

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Benefits of Heal Your Life® Coaching:

  • you can achieve goals faster
  • you learn the mental, emotional, and spiritual life skills for balance and success in every area
  • you learn and use techniques to clear the past as well as deal with any current life challenges that arise
  • you have a supporter and champion for achieving your full potential
  • you develop a deeper intuitive/spiritual connection
  • you learn how to focus on your strengths and abilities