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What do you need to release?

So often we hold on to people and situations that are no longer in our highest good. We are creatures of habit. We might have people in our lives who have been there forever. We may be on different paths than we were before. We all evolve in different ways. There is no need to assign blame. Lovingly release them and wish them well.

We can hold on tightly to the past. It is comfortable, even when we know this person or situation is not good for us. We keep doing the same thing because change can be scary.

When we are reluctant to move forward, these situations will keep playing in our head. By doing this, we create a wall around us, blocking new people and opportunities from coming forward.

Take the time to look at it from a different perspective.

What would you advise a friend if you saw this happening to them?

Even if you want it to work out, if nothing changes, how can it?

The grieving process and can be very difficult.

It is time to close that chapter.

You are worthy of so much more.

This is a life lesson on boundaries for future relationships and situations.

Allow the universe to open the door to new beginnings.

Are you ready?

You are worthy of happiness.

Alanna Scott King
Akashic Dragon Healing