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Are you ready to forgive?

We often hear we need to forgive to move forward. It is almost a catch phrase it seems.  

If you forgive, your life will be so much better. Sounds great, doesn’t it? If only we could snap our fingers and “POOF”, all is perfect.  

If you search forgiveness quotes on Google, you will see pages of quotes so it must be important.  

Just forgive. Forgive yourself. Forgive others who have done you wrong.  They make it sound so easy.  

If it was that easy, we would have done it already, right?  

No big deal – except it is a big deal. A very big deal indeed.  

Let’s dig a little deeper on this.  

Some things are easy to forgive, others are not.  

So how do you get there?  It takes time and dedication to heal.  

Make no mistake. This is entirely about YOUR healing. This has nothing to do with anyone else. No matter what anyone has done to you, this isn’t about them. In order to move forward, we need to forgive in our heart.  

Marianne Williamson said, “Unforgiveness is like drinking poison yourself and waiting for the other person to die.” 

She is so right. We constantly punish ourselves by rehashing these events in our thoughts over and over again. Meanwhile, they aren’t thinking about it at all. Maybe some are, but not nearly as often as we are. 

It is hard to let go of the anger when someone has done something to you that you find unforgiveable. This goes for forgiving yourself as well.  

I am not going to give you a quick fix. Healing takes work. Often we have to dig up feelings we have had buried for a long time. Are you prepared to do this? Are you prepared to go back so you can heal? 

Something else to remember is you don’t have to have any contact with the person who hurt you. This isn’t about them. It is about you healing.   

A short Heal Your Life® meditation you can use is called The Forgiveness Chant. Sit quietly and say the following to yourself several times: 

I forgive everyone, I forgive myself 

I forgive all past experiences 

Forgiving everyone, forgiving myself 

I am free, I am free 

You may be surprised at your reaction once the words start flowing. It is even more powerful if you look at yourself in a mirror while reciting it. 

Victoria Johnson, Heal Your Life® Trainer for Canada has done Louise Hay’s Forgiveness Meditation. This is a great video to help as well. 

One thing I want to make clear is that forgiving doesn’t mean you are pardoning what the person did to you. You are basically accepting what happened and are moving on. It is in the past. You are in the present. Look forward to the future without this ball and chain holding you back. You get to cut that chain and move forward. What a weight you are releasing! 

Forgiveness is for YOU because YOU deserve happiness. You are loved!