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Can you receive or do you feel guilty?

We are often reminded to be more giving. Think of others, do for others, don’t be selfish.

This world needs more caring people. We need more people to help those in need.

All of this is true.

I am not going to write any more on this. We all know this. It is true.

I want to address receiving and how it is just as important. What?!! Are you mad?!

Nope. Let me explain.

Most of us were raised to help our siblings, others who need help, to do nice things. This is all good and we need to do these things.

At the same time, we were scolded or told we were selfish if we wanted something for ourselves. Society dictated the rules.

Give and you are a good person. Take and you are selfish. This may not be said but it was understood in many situations.

We feel bad when someone compliments us. How often have you noticed this, not only with yourself but with others when a compliment is given? Do you feel uncomfortable?

Don’t get me wrong. It feels great to help others. It feels good to be there when someone needs you. I am not saying stop helping others. That is just crazy talk!

I am also not talking about people who give to receive. That is completely different.

I am saying it is important to give and receive in equal measure.

Flow is important. The universe listens when we do this. If all we do is give, give, give, there is no flow. We deplete ourselves.

It is okay to receive. Give those you help the gift of giving back if they choose to do so.

Again, this is not giving TO receive. Giving to receive is not giving. It is a business transaction.

Just smile and be thankful.

That is a gift in itself.